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the community
RTA's are still very undiscovered and unknown of, which is where this community comes in to help you! this community is all about RTA's - what they are, how to manage one, an RTA directory and any other help you may need. read below before you join! :]
what is an RTA?
RTA: Reply to all. it is quite hard to define an RTA as they could come under many descriptions: an email group, a forum, penpals or message boards? on your email client you may have seen the tab "reply to all" while you have been writing an email. that is the all important life and soul of an RTA and where it got it was created from. here are the basics:
1. depending on the size of the RTA, it is usually over 10 people.
2. these 10 people email back and forth about anything they want.
3. everyone receives every email which is sent and replied, as they always reply via "reply to all" rather than "reply" - this gives the opportunity for anyone to join in and reply to what they are saying.
4. you send anything you want. diary entries are encouraged, anything you want to share, anything you'd write in a diary/journal/etc, share art, inspiration, gossip, friends, family, photographs, anything!
5. each RTA has the "owner". this person usually takes charge of the list, makes sure it is managed properly: removing people who stop replying/getting in touch with them to ask them what's going on, making sure everyone is using the correct list, sending out the correct list when someone has left or joined and sending out a "welcome/introduction" email when someone new joins.
6. each RTA has its own rules, whichever the owner & the group may consider. these are usually kept brief, though: be active, send email, do not start arguements, do not be rude, do not offend anyone, do not randomly add someone to the list, etc.
7. the RTA always has a name! the name always goes in the subject of any email you may send to the RTA. e.g "shy distress - i went to new york!"
8. there are many types of RTA's. you can have a specific genre - fan, reading, movies, picture or just plain random - which comes under anything so that the RTA is kept very broad and anyone can talk and send anything. these are generally the more active RTA's as the members get to send anything, however members in a genre RTA usually talk about things outside the genre in order to get to know each other!
9. in order to get members, the members usually goes through an application process. this is just so the RTA all get a group choice as to who they would want in the RTA and who they think would enjoy it. however, if you are just starting the RTA and need completely members - it is best to have a short application/survey and to make sure your members are aware of what an RTA is. perhaps tell them about how many emails they may receive, how much time they need and what are expected of them. when you have the RTA put together, decide when you are going to advertise: when someone leaves? when you all vote on if you should get someone new in? this is when the application process can change. it is much better to get all the RTA to vote on the application of the to-be-member, therefore everyone in the RTA gets a chance to be involved and know the person before they may be added.

it is especially encouraged to be original and creative in the RTA. create activities, send surveys, send themes, send things to do as a group, team building, etc. any of those keep the group together and close. it can be hard work in starting and getting an RTA active, but as soon as you have an RTA put together - it is very rewarding to see friendships evolve & grow.
how do i start?
so you want to start an RTA? great. firstly, think about your time management. are you online enough hours a week to manage it? keep it active? get it started? with these things considered, you can start creating it. think of a name & a genre, once you have done that you can begin to write the rules & welcome/introduction email. then, advertise/ask your friends! it is usually best to ask people personally rather than promote to communities on LJ as RTA's usually go un-noticed. you can always add your RTA to the directory! (below) :]

you can click HERE for a guide that will help you with what to do when you've created your RTA.
what should my application & welcome email be like?
this is up to you! this gives people the chance to see what the RTA may be like. important questions to involve in your application survey are such ones like, "how many hours are you online?" and "what do you have to offer to the RTA?", etc. it is important to inform them of the amount of email as some people may not realize this and then leave after they start receiving the email. the welcome email is very important in getting everyone together and to start sending emails & making friends. it is a good idea to include RTA information and rules again, just so the members get a chance to go over them for the second time. include ideas of email to send, the list to use and encourage everyone to introduce themselves: the best way to do this is usually through everyone sending an introduction in a new thread as this gives the rest of the members a chance to reply rather than all the introductions getting tied up together in the welcome email.

there is a sample/example of an application in this post HERE which should help you with your applications for your RTA.
community rules & hints
you are welcome to post anything related to RTA's here. questions, FAQ's, advertisements, help, ideas, etc.

when you are advertising please make sure that you explain what the RTA is about, include the survey and your email address so the applications can be kept private rather than replying in your post (or screen comments.). keep everything friends only or your post will be removed. do not advertise ANYTHING out of the box, any other communities that are not RTA related or penpal advertisements. tell all of your friends & spread the word! more members of this community = more RTA's! :]
RTA directory
to get your RTA here, please go to this post. (:

1. Aspire - a fun, random, active, post-anything, friendly RTA with activities.
email or herphotolife.
2. Nerdy - it's random & we do swaps (optional.). contact: email
3. BELLA,ELECTRIC - a healthy living/weight loss contact:
4. starquake contact:
5. petite - a new, girly, positive random rta with regular email contestscontact:
6. caress - a new, girls only positive rta with beauty, photography/stock photos, fashion, love, relationships, advice etc contact:
share & sisters.
we are currently looking for affiliates, please click here to become one. :]

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